Red Frog Beach Resort and the Red Frog Foundation have a program in place that allows guests to volunteer in Panama during their vacation. We are committed to help make Bocas del Toro a better place for those that live and visit here. Volunteering for a project is a great way to enhance your experience in Panama!

There has been a growing interest in recent years of travelers that want to provide volunteer service during their vacation in Panama. With ample prior notice, our staff can arrange for you to participate in some of the following volunteer opportunities listed below.

Volunteering in Panama is a way to experience the rich native culture and provide much needed service to those in need. It may be one of the most rewarding and fun things you do while vacationing in Panama.

If you are interested in volunteering in Bocas del Toro, Panama or making a cash donation, please contact us.

Opportunities in Bocas del Toro

Operation Safe Drinking Water

see their website for information on this local non-profit). Please note that both of these volunteer programs require arrangements well in advance of your arrival here.


In any of the local indigenous communities. It could be Bahia Roja, next door, or further away. This involves buying 40# of lentils and 80# of rice (total cost about $70) and go with OSDW to the village to distribute food packs. You can also bring some little games to play with the kids (i.e. Frisbees, bean bag toss, crayons or paints, some paper) and new reading glasses ($5 here). It is recommended that as many of these purchases as possible be made in Bocas to save on luggage weight and also support the local economy. OSDW will often combine the food distribution with a first aid clinic. They also appreciate donations of over the counter medications (list available from them)


Donate or volunteer to raise $900 and install a water tank at an indigenous school in Bocas del Toro. OSDW will purchase the supplies and provide transportation and the technical expertise. This is an all day trip and OSDW needs the money at least one month ahead of time to buy all of the supplies.


Bahia Roja Our close neighbors, a community of 150 indigenous people, suffered a fire that destroyed 3 houses in January 2011. The Red Frog Foundation is raising money to help them buy re-building materials as well as build a new primary school. See contact info at end of page to arrange a visit to the village, as well as make a donation to the foundation’s building fund for Bahia Roja.


BESO provides supervised scholarships for local high school and college students in need — cash donations to BESO can be made locally in Bocas at a number of locations


Playa Tortuga is the wild tropical beach on the north shore of Isla Bastimentos and located at the foot of the hill below the villas. Steady onshore winds bring garbage from the ocean onto the beach so it needs regular cleanup. We provide gloves and garbage bags and one staff person to go with you. It takes about three hours, is good exercise, and at the end you can jump in the ocean and cool off! Please arrange one week in advance for this volunteer opportunity.


For longer term volunteer experiences, email info@VolunteerIsland.org

Other Opportunities/Contact Information

It is also highly recommended that visitors check out the local monthly newspaper, Bocas Breeze, online, as they often have additional volunteer options in Bocas del Toro, Panama. Red Frog Beach guests that are interested in volunteering in Bocas del Toro, Panama are invited to contact us.

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