Punta Lava Beach Bar and Grill

Located right on Red Frog Beach. Punta Lava is open Daily from breakfast to 5:30pm for lunch and drinks. This Bar & Grill offers shade, drinks, snacks, and sandwiches. Here you can find the best burger in town and match it with a fruit smoothie with your choice of pineapple or papaya! Daily drink special and happy hour from 6pm to sunset. Stop by and enjoy a cold beverage and socializing with explorers from all over the world. After your drinks, you can walk down the new peninsula Cristobel Point boardwalk out onto a deck overlooking the water and view spectacular sunsets and water spouting into the air.

Two or three times a week we open the doors at Punta Lava for a special theme night: steak night, seafood night, a buffet around the world, BBQ night, an Italian night with live Italian music or the Central American theme buffet. An enchanting setting for a perfect experience!

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