Upon arriving at the Marina Village, guests will then pass through a unique Nature Preserve before arriving at the Red Frog Beach Island Resort. You will experience a unique island eco-system; traveling over the unpaved dirt roads, the sounds of nature abound-exotic birds hide in the tree tops and the occasional sloth reminds guests that this is a place to “take your time” and absorb the surroundings.

The Nature Preserve, adjacent to the resort, showcases that environment that makes Red Frog Beach different from other island beach destinations.

The reforestation on Isla Bastimentos has helped the red frogs and other plant and animal life to thrive with better environmental conditions.

When the Bocas del Toro archipelago separated from the mainlandabout 8,000 years ago, a distinctive, lush ecosystem was born, destined to become the “Galapagos of the Caribbean.”

With a world-wide phenomenon in our namesake, Red Frogs (and their color variations), to extensive coral reefs and mangroves, we were clearly not the first to be charmed by the brilliant surroundings. Panama dedicated over 13,000 hectares of land and water on and around Isla Bastimentos as the country’s first National Marine Park. The boundaries protect over 1/3 of our island plus much of the water around us for irreplaceable coral reefs, endangered sea turtles, exotic animals, reptiles and colorful birds.

The Isla Bastimentos region’s biodiversity attracts professional photographers, Smithsonian researchers, birders, biologists and other nature enthusiasts from around the world.

Our Responsibility

Ten years ago Isla Bastimentos had suffered a large amount of deforestation caused by cattle grazing. Since that time, environmental controls were put in place that removed the cattle and corrected erosion problems. Oceans Group International is pleased to report that a vast amount of reforestation has occurred to return much of the island to its natural state. These environmental protections have helped the wildlife to replenish and guests to enjoy the natural scenery. Valuing our position at the border of the Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park, we pledged early on to protect the organic land and native culture. More than 60% of Red Frog Beach Resort property is a dedicated Nature Preserve. This is only part of our plan to support the ancient environment and community. It is to honor and respect the biodiversity as well as the local cultures that rely on it.

Your Experience

Uncover stunning beaches and bright blue morphobutterflies. Witness the monkeys swing from treetop to treetop and the abundant flora and fauna that has been blooming here for centuries. Find yourself at a hidden waterfall, a lagoon with turquoise water or a rainforest trail leading to a pristine natural world.

It’s about opening our minds to inspiring surroundings, and discovering a life-changing vacation.

We meticulously planned and structured the Red Frog Villas to be a modern launching point for visitors to an ancient Caribbean haven.

At Red Frog Beach Resort, you’ll find sophisticated accommodations with Caribbean hospitality amidst centuries-old charm in a setting that nature itself designed.