Visiting the Caribbean archipelago of Bocas del Toro, you'll wonder how the emerald rainforests, distinctive wildlife, soft beaches and brilliant turquoise waters have been kept from mega resort multiplexes and callous over-developers. Truth is, there were people here before seeking opportunity, it's just been a few hundred years and they also appreciated the breathtaking seascapes.

A Generous New World

In 1502, an innovative explorer on his fourth visit to the New World wanted to visit the East while heading West. Christopher Columbus was immediatelycaptivated by the beauty and abundance on Isla Bastimentos where he decided to anchor and recharge for two weeks. In his reverie, Columbus named the island "Bastimentos" to mean "provisions" when he discovered shelter, fresh spring water, nourishing fruits, and the rejuvenation of body and spirit needed after a long journey.

Columbus met the indigenous Ngobe-Bugle Indians, the first inhabitants of the islands with pottery artifacts dating their traditions as early as 900 A.D. They are still sharing the islands and traditions with us amid many phases of exploration, discovery, and solitude.


Searching for gold and good land, many more explorers and pirates came through Bocas del Toro, leaving legends of buried treasure, sunken ships, and bountiful opportunities.

English, Scottish, and American colonists came to the region escaping taxes, bringing Jamaican slaves and dreams of lucrative plantations, until slavery was abolished in 1850. The former slaves became fishermen and established subsistence farms — the forefathers of our neighbors and fellow team members at Red Frog. Other sailors, traders, and explorers traded goods including muskets for turtle shells, cacao and herbs.

Red Frog Resort's Heritage

Did Columbus find the underground caves near Red Frog Beach? Did explorers eat fresh fruit at the waterfall backdrop at the SPA? Bocas del Toro is still being discovered for its world-famous beaches, renowned biodiversity, and eclectic Caribbean and Panamanian culture.

Let us point out where Columbus anchored and our staff can share their experience of what it is like growing up here. We aim to preserve while offering opportunities for you to explore the abundance for yourself incontemporary private villa accommodations.

Just as Columbus did...Discover a New World for yourself in Bocas del Toro. We consider it fortunate that the heritage,Caribbean lifestyle, enduring culture, and nature-given "provisions" are much like the scene several hundred years ago.

Discover an island treasure weaved with resilient cultural fabric and breath-taking beauty. Experience an impressive, enriching vacation from Red Frog Beach Island Resort in Bocas del Toro.

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