Red Frog Beach is the most popular beach in the islands of Bocas del Toro because of its location and beauty. One can surf gorgeous waves on Isla Bastimentos, snorkel above the coral reef, lie on the white sand, take a night hike, or just stroll through the surf. Other beaches on Bastimentos include: Wizard Beach, Turtle Beach, North Beach, Cayman Beach (and coves) and Playa Larga. Spotting exotic wildlife on Red Frog Beach and the other beaches on Bastimentos is almost guaranteed. Four of the world's eight sea turtle species nest on Red Frog Beach. This Panama Beach is unique because of the lush rainforest that fringes the sandy Caribbean beach. The beach is accessed by arriving from Bocas Town via 10 minute water taxi ride and then a 15 minutes walk across from the back to the front of the island. You may spot a three-toed sloth as you walk across the island, a monkey, or a small red frog for which Red Beach derives its name.

The Most Famous Panama Beach

For being among the most famous beaches in Panama, Red Frog Beach is only .75 miles wide. At each end of this Panama Beach there is a rock-peninsula outcropping. At the east end of the beach there is a hidden boardwalk that walks out to a pier at the end of the peninsula. The view from this boardwalk called "the point" is absolutely breathtaking with waves splashing all around and white foam dripping from the rock outcroppings. From this view point one can look back down at Red Frog Beach and see the beautiful frame of the rainforest that makes this Panama Beach so secluded and different than a typical beach.

This Panama Beach also has a new restaurant called The Point. There are drinks and food served here. A few tables and hammocks and occasionally there will be a activity or pig roast for visitors. About 100 to 300 people visit this Panama Beach everyday. These guests are coming from the Red Frog Beach Resort, Bocas Bound and day travelers taking a water taxi from other Bocas del Toro Hotels. There are several other beaches equally as beautiful as this Panama Beach but we promote less to keep them secluded for our guests and visitors who want a beach all to themselves during their Panama Vacation. Panama is not known for its great beaches because most of the resorts and lodging options are on the pacific side of Panama. The beaches on the Pacific side of Panama are not nearly as pristine and beautiful as the Caribbean beaches in Bocas del Toro. The water is warmer, more blue, less tidal change, softer sand and the accompanying rainforest makes these beaches the best in Panama. Make no mistake that all beaches are the same in Panama.
  • Voted One of the Worlds Best Secret Beaches - The Travel Channel
  • One of the Hottest Beaches in Central America - MSNBC